Mysterious? What a Night!

The Sands Centre in Carlisle can seat 1,100 people but did we really believe we could fill the place! What an earth is Mysterious? How do you explain this quirky program? Talking about Mike’s death and Hope;  Expect the Unexpected; Stephen Baldwin Hollywood Actor; Why do bad things happen to good people?; Illusionists; Rap Artists; Local Band…….

Mysterious? at the Sands Centre, Carlisle

We are very greatful for all the media coverage over the proceeding two weeks to the event. This lead to a sell out and packed house. There are many stories of people who found hope, who encountered “The Hope” or just had a great time.

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Mysterious? Expect the unExpected

Mysterious? :: Expect the Unexpected!

7pm – 9pm Saturday 8th September 2012,  Sands Centre Carlisle

7:00pm … Tickets £5

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The Michael Knight Trust is bringing you an INCREDIBLE show!

         * Stephen Baldwin – Celebrity Big Brother , Actor, Celebrity Apprentice, Radio show host & youngest brother of Baldwin Family   * Duzie Potter – International Entertainers, Magicians,  Child Circus Performer & Author’s, * WriteWay Music – Rap Group from London, recently produced and released short movie on their former gang life in London * McGhie Family – Gospel Singers with voice and attitude! * The Knight Family – lived on a ship for 13 years, visited over 100 countries, ship wrecked in Chile, lost their son Michael * Plus Carlisle musicians who are coming together just for the night.

Life is a Mystery, why do bad things happen to good people? Why when you have studied at University there are no jobs when you get qualified? Why did I loose my job? Why did that relationship not work out? Why did Michael not wake up on August 1st 2009. Mysterious? through music, story, interviews and magic, seeks to reveal that whilst we may not have all the answers, there is hope and You are Significant.


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Welcome to the Michael Knight Trust

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We  are the very proud family of Mike Knight. Mike was “on loan” to us for 18 1/2 years. Please take a few moments to look at the Pages on the right to discover who he was, what his passion was and how you can be a part of his legacy.Have fun!

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